The Artist and His Team :

In the last 30 years my development as an artist took me from Innsbruck to Vienna, to the academy of applied arts. Then I went to Hong Kong where I worked as a stage designer and bar designer.

Afterwards I did a degree in arts in Los Angeles and New York. I went back to Vienna as a free-lance artist.

In Brussels I studied the art of Trompe l’oeil which I have been practicing for the last 15 years.
Therefore, I founded my company ROYart in which I can not only evolve as a Trompe l’oeil painter but furthermore it gives me the possibility to offer a working basis to other artists. With them I can arrange individual teams for projects of each size and that way I can respond to all the individual needs of my customers. Parts of my team are free-lance artists as well as masters in painting. They all have their strengths of which the projects benefit.

A very important part of our company is also the scientifically proven chromatics.
My wife Dr. Birgit Rojkowski, who works in the field of psychological counselling, dedicated herself to the studies of the impact of colours on human beings. She contributes her knowledge to our company ROYart.
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